Beyond Horrified

I came of age in the 60s and 70s and I honestly
do not remember the encounter. Trust me, this isn’t an
overnight Bar Mitzvah. I’ve had to reconcile
the therapists with my behaviour. I have loved the
scope of hurt and deeply regret the feelings I owe
to the culture and The Cops. “It may
have seemed okay” and I continue to channel
that anger. I plan to do right by my dick.
We went out for dinner, completely consensual,
and afterwards brought pain, a retirement
party long overdue. The movement that is happening
has been in the works throughout my life, all
women, for over thirty years. I have been so
protective of these stories and I was widely
admired in my demons. Exchanged numbers.
Sexual activity. My position. I want to deal
with this negative attention honestly and
openly. I took her words and put together
a team of people.

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